the action or state of going regularly to or being present at a place or event.

Tracking attendance is a vital process which is part of daily chores in schools and universities. It starts with opening of the daily register book, when the teacher starts shouting a sequence of numbers corresponding to which each student does the same : shouting

while this process takes place, proper measures are taken so that most of the times, students are left distracted, thanks to the endless gossips and noise students’ve made.

Even when the attendance is registered in the logbook, it again has to go to another tedious process, DATA ENTRY !

Just imagine! loggin registers of (attendence of 1 class of 1 day) x (all classes in university) x (~ total no of working days) x (total no of students) into computer is something nothing less than a headache.

So one thing i feel is that the entire process of taking attendance is bit time consuming. Second, there is no proper way to efficiently handle data.

Presenting qrProxy

qrProxy proposes of a system where attendace of entire class is recorded and effeciently stored in less than 30 seconds.

Assuming every university has a working projector and wifi in its classes , after the class finishes, the faculty/teacher logs into the webapp through which a qr-code is generated unique time-based algorithm.

Now, Students of that class must login through the mobile app with their admissions id’s specified. A succesful scan of the displayed QrCode for that session shall mark their attendances present.

So now, with the entire class scanning the qr code presented at the projector, at a time, every student gets attendance for that particalur sesion/period.

In no way do I assert that this app/procedure is hack-proof, afterall we students are quite quick at comming up with by-passes xD, We have identified few bugs , which we are in process and believe can solve most of them of solving by adding face verification to mobile-app.

Overall, the journey of building this ecosystem has been rewarding because it made me learn and implenent tools in practice like making apps in flutter,working with api’s, working with JSON, playing around with noSQL databases(Firebase), using python to make dynamic web-apps with hepl og Flask,working with Flask’s template engine,html and css in general.

Go ahead,try play with the web-app here and get-along its companion mobile-app here.

Interested in its source code ? you can find it here.